DJ Paw Lee (djpawlee) wrote,
DJ Paw Lee

Rockem Sockem This Friday the 13th!!!

We are excited to have two Friday the 13th gigs in a row. In March we are doing it up with 2 guest djs and 3 great down and dirty rock bands. DJ Paw Lee and Spaz have requested to op out of individual sets and tag team with Omega and I all night. Tag teaming is fun and frantic and you never know what is gonna happen so expect a show upfront as well. Come by for a lil pre patty fun and get your Tiki on.

$6 Sock'em to me drink special.

Our Rockin Lineup:
10- The Ribeye Brothers

11- The Demands

12-Madam Robot and the Lust Brigade.

Rockem Sockem
@ Otto's Shrunken Head
Friday March 13
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