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Iron Man 2 Just got better!!!!

ScarJo expands her comic book repertoire with Black Widow gig

Posted March 12, 2009 at 4:42 PM By John Couture
Last year, Scarlett Johansson got her toes wet in the comic book business with a part in the largely forgettable The Spirit. Now, she's jumping in with both feet with a plum part in next year's Iron Man 2
Hollywood gossip kingpin Nikki Finke has learned that ScarJo has replaced Emily Blunt in the role of Black Widow, a KGB-trained assassin who has flirted and courted pretty much each and every superhero in the Marvel universe at one time or another.
Blunt had to pull out due to contractual obligations and ScarJo was given the role that she screen-tested for, but eventually lost to Blunt. Also according to Finke, ScarJo's deal calls for multiple movies including 2012's The Avengers.
Judging from the pic above, it seems that Favs and co. got things right on this. What do you think of this casting? Does the idea of seeing ScarJo in black leather jumpsuits for a few movies appeal to you? I think I'm going to go get in line now!
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